Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Zeek

BEHS 002 - Zeek
2005 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2006 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1994
Arrived at BEHS
6 April 2005
18 August 2005
Rainbow Bridge
10 July 2006
16.3 hands
Intake Group

Zeek was the second horse to come to BEHS. His owner, a young woman, was getting ready to go to college and could no longer keep him. He had lameness issues, and she worried that if she sold him, someone would misuse him, so she asked BEHS to take him. Luckily Leslie took him in and even helped find him a long-term foster home. That foster home, Jo, quickly fell in love with this gentle giant and decided to adopt him and give him a home for life. She spent time with her vet and chiropractor, working to make Zeek more comfortable, and she set out to give him the best life possible. Zeek was the second horse into BEHS - and the second horse who was adopted out.

Yesterday, Zeek left his adoptive mom to cross the Rainbow Bridge. He had been diagnosed with EPM and his adoptive mom started treatment immediately. Unfortunately Zeek did not respond well. In fact, he got worse. And yesterday, his “mom” tearfully said goodbye.

His adopter reports that her foster horse, tried his best to help his friend get up. Whenever Zeek would lay down and try to get up, Frazer would get behind him and get down on his knees and help push him up. When Zeek would stop trying and lay his head down, Frazer would get up, bite at Zeeks ear to make him put his head back up and then get back down on his knees and try pushing him back up again.

All of our sympathies go out to Jo on her loss - and we all mourn that Zeek’s time with his adopter was not longer.


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