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BEHS 003 - Dream Girl
2009 Adoptions
2008 Adoptions
2005 Adoptions
Date of Birth
23 April 2005
Arrived at BEHS
23 April 2005
2 August 2005; Readopted November 2008; readopted 22 May 2009

Dream Girl was one of the rescue’s first horses. Her dam became pregnant while at a trainer’s barn and by the time her owners found out, it was too late to abort the foal. They moved her to a new facility and told the trainer to “just kill it” when the foal was born. The trainer hated the idea of ending an innocent life and sought someone to raise the foal. A Bluebonnet member offered to foster her, and a few days after she was born, Dream Girl became a part of the Bluebonnet Family. She struggled to learn to drink from a bottle or bucket and was a sickly foal. She recovered and grew into a beautiful young horse. She was adopted and returned twice before landing with our adoption coordinator.  Dream Girl was the family’s first foster, and they couldn’t let her go!  So she now has the home for life she was searching for.


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Dream Girl Thanks

Wendy T.
Jenni D. - Daydreams Ranch
Ron R.
Horseman's Supply - Weatherford, TX
Brad & Randi S.