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BEHS 007 - Pepper
Rainbow Bridge
2007 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1979
Arrived at BEHS
19 May 2005
Rainbow Bridge
26 May 2007
Intake Group

Pepper was the seventh horse to come into BEHS, and the first one to come in as a result of neglect. An animal control officer had been called about Pepper and after seeing her suggested her owner find her a new home. Her owner agreed to let BEHS take her, and she became a part of our family. Pepper was underweight and shaggy when she came to BEHS, but her foster home worked to help her gain weight and under her shaggy coat we found a cute Appaloosa mare with a gentle disposition.

Pepper had several foster homes while with BEHS - Leslie Y., Annette B., Sharon M.H., Linda R. and briefly Denise C. Pepper didn’t seem to mind the moves, and each person who fostered her thought she was a sweet and kind gal. And each one loved her, cared for her and spoiled her.

Then almost a year ago, Tonya joined BEHS, looking for a horse to adopt. She ended up fostering Pepper and fell in love. Tonya made Pepper’s last year the best she could have hoped for: she had a comfortable stall and lovely pasture and all the love and kindness she could want. Pepper suffered health problems related to her old age, and Tonya nursed her through each one.

But this fine old lady was nearly 30 years old, and she had had a hard life before coming to Bluebonnet. although she was happy in her home with Tonya, she also was tired. One day about a month ago, Pepper laid down and told Tonya it was time.

I know Tonya still misses Pepper - and I know everyone whose life she touched while with BEHS will miss her. As long as we remember her and honor her, she will live on.


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Pepper Thanks

Dottie C.
Leslie Y.
Annette B.
Wendy T.
Sharon M-H.
Linda R.
Julie B.
Denise C.
Gaye P.
Toni J.
Tonya D.
Cheryl S.