Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Jasper

BEHS 016 - Jasper
2005 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2006 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1995
Arrived at BEHS
29 June 2005
15 September 2005
Rainbow Bridge
27 August 2006

In 2005, we received a neglect complaint involving six horses. The horses were in horrible shape and had absolutely no water - and it seemed they may have been without water for days. The horses were seized and awarded to BHES, Jasper was one of those horses.

Jasper got kicked while en route from the seizure to the holding facility. He was rushed to the veterinarian’ s office where he stayed a week. He quickly won over the heart of the veterinary staff - and the veterinarian discovered that he was blind in both eyes.

One of the volunteers that coordinated the seizure, prepared the court case and testified agreed the foster Jasper. She fell in love with the pony - and although she had no plans to add a pony to her life, she decided to give him his forever home. She set up a pen with “cues” to tell him where his feed bucket, water trough and the fence lines were. She studied about blind horses and learned that they often do well with a companion, so she bought a little donkey (Pepe) to live with Jasper.

Jasper had a fabulous life with Jodi. He quickly grew fat and healthy and learned to trust her and relax in his special home. Jodi loved him dearly and did everything she could to make him happy and comfortable.

Sadly, Jasper crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Three weeks ago, he turned up lame; the vet thought he cracked his hip and recommended that he be confined to a small pen - another examination this morning revealed that he had actually broken his femur. His muscles atrophied and he lost weight, and he was in constant pain. Jodi looked at him yesterday and knew it was time for him to go.

So today with Jodi at his side, Jasper left this world. He joins other horses Jodi has known and loved - and he joins a herd of rescue horses who are waiting for all of us when it is our time to go. Jasper now has perfect vision and a hip that no longer hurts. He’ll always have plenty of green grass and fresh water - and the poor care he suffered over a year ago will fade from his memory, leaving only good memories of his time at Jodi’s where he was loved.


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