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Meet Rose

BEHS 044 - Rose
2013 Adoptions
2007 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2016 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1994
Arrived at BEHS
6 October 2005
12 February 2013
Rainbow Bridge
6 July 2016

Rose, aka Rosie, came to Bluebonnet Equine Services in 2005 - from one of Bluebonnet’s first neglect cases. She was one of nearly twenty equines in that case (there were horses, donkeys, mules, and ponies!). After she arrived, we found out she was pregnant and she had an adorable mule foal, Rockafellow, the following year. We also learned she was trained to ride.
She was adopted and returned due to financial changes, but that’s ok! Her new foster home fell in love with her and made her a permanent addition in 2013. Her adopter says, “Rosie learned to trust us, enjoying spa days with a good shampoo! She even tolerated the daily fly spray in Spring! Rosie wore her fly mask with pride, stood patiently for the farrier and was a worthy mount for our smallest lead-liners at the summer parties. She nickered and neighed as she begged for tummy rubs!”
Her family and all those who knew her will miss her.


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Rose Thanks

Grimes County Sheriff's Department
Cindy F.
Bill R.
Joanne T.
Denise C.
Marianne S.
Kristi D.
T.J. D.
Cat B.
Lauren T.
John Walla DVM
Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue
Sylvia and Leland C.
Jennifer W.
Melissa & Ricky G.
Angie W.