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BEHS 053 - Kaluha
2009 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 1996
Arrived at BEHS
6 October 2005
7 February 2009

At the 2007 Expo, Jim and Ann came to pick Kaluha up to adopt. Kaluha had other things on his plate that day and decided not to load for his foster home, so he didn’t make it to the Expo at all. Thanks to Jim and Ann’s patience and more planning, Kaluha made it to Paradise, Tx., where they live.

They had decided to foster him though, thinking they couldn’t give him the training he needed, due to his very strong flight response and other issues he had. Again, with patience (I’m seeing a theme here - patience!) and time, they brought him around and have taken him to several BEHS events hoping to find just the right person for him. Everywhere they go they have talked about this special horse and his needs - trying to find help for him. I think they finally realized that -they- were the help that he needed. Someone to understand him, and have (again) patience. Also, they found a couple of qualified folks to work with him. With so many working him though his fear and so forth, they also realized that he could never leave their place.

I received the request that I always knew would come - to send them an adoption contract. I was so happy for Jim and Ann, but mostly Kaluha as I knew he was right where he needed to be - in Paradise! Thank you Jim and Ann, for adopting ‘K’. He deserves to have such caring, loving humans to be his forever!


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Kaluha Thanks

Denise C.
Joanne T.
Marianne S.
T.J.& Kristi D.
Cat B.
Lauren T.
Grimes Co. Sheriff's Dept.
John W. DVM
Barbara L.
Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue
Sylvia and Leland C.
Jim & Ann S.