Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Munchkin

BEHS 062 - Munchkin
Rainbow Bridge
2005 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 2005
Arrived at BEHS
21 December 2005
Rainbow Bridge
27 December 2005
Chestnut / Sorrel
Intake Group

Munchkin and his two pasturemates were the subject of a neglect complaint.  The veterinarian who reported the case was concerned for all of the horses but especially for this young foal.  He was weak and tiny, and she worried he might not make it.  Law enforcement approached his owner and instructed her to begin a proper feeding program immediately or face removal of her horses.  She told them she would comply, but when they checked on the horses a few days later, they found that the foal was down and unable to rise. The owner decided to surrender them at that point in hopes of avoiding a criminal charge.  At one point, while the horses were being loaded, the vet wasn’t sure if the little guy was alive as he had stopped moving. The officers on the scene lifted him to get him on the trailer.  He rode standing up and was met at the vet clinic by a warmed blanket.  The vet began working on him - administering fluids, getting him on a proper feeding program, and pulling blood to check for infection and other concerns.  Hundreds of people who never met him held their breath and lifted up prayers for this little guy. His pasturemates began to improve, but he continued to struggle.  He could not rise on his own although he could continue standing once helped to his feet. The vet started taking him for brief walks to help him gain muscle and move enough to alleviate the swelling that settled into his legs.  He won over her entire family, and he was given the name Munchkin. On Christmas, he had a bout of colic but his devoted vet coaxed him through it. Two days later, the results of his blood work came back - his red blood cell count was ridiculously low.  We agreed to a transfusion in an attempt to save his life. But sadly, little Munchkin was tired and worn out by fighting for his life. That night, he laid down and gave up the fight. Because of the cruelty of one person, he suffered.


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