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BEHS 067 - Dottie
2010 Adoptions
2008 Adoptions
2006 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 1999
Arrived at BEHS
7 January 2006
2006; Readopted 9 March 2008; Readopted March 2010
Intake Group

Dottie is an adorable pony – from the legendary Chincoteague herd. Her previous owner bought her after the famous Chincoteague swim when she was only four months old. They brought her home, gentled her and trained her. However they had too many horses and felt Dottie didn’t get enough attention, so they donated her to BEHS. Dottie’s broke to ride and has been ridden by children and small adults. She was adopted by a family as a riding pony in 2006 and again in 2008. Both times she was returned when her family outgrew her. This time, her foster home fell in love with her and adopted her for their kids.


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Dottie Thanks

Karen B.
Shelly S.
Ralph and Loretta P.
Julie B.
Kathy F.
Denise C.
Jenny B. and Family