Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Oreo

BEHS 079 - Oreo
Rainbow Bridge
2006 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1984
Arrived at BEHS
27 February 2006
Rainbow Bridge
8 June 2006

Farewell Oreo

If you have never been on a neglect investigation or a seizure, you cannot imagine the conditions some of the horses live in. Fences falling down, crowds of horses who fight for what scraps of food they receive, bare pastures with only dirt to offer, thick trees and underbrush that tangle manes and tails and scrape the skin, and filthy water you can smell from yards away. When we look at our pampered horses that we consider pets and companions, we sometimes find it hard to believe that anyone would treat their horses any differently.

But this is just the situation that Oreo walked out of one day. The property was crowded with too many horses who fought continually. They pushed Oreo around and kept her away from what little food was available. She was hundreds of pounds underweight and no one seemed to care until Joanne and a deputy arrived with a trailer - determined to make a difference in her life.

They carefully loaded the starving mare into the trailer and slowly drove down the bumpy driveway - carrying Oreo forward into a new life. At her new home, she discovered that people do care - she received many small meals each day, had a clean stall to call home and spent time turned out with horses who would not beat up on her.

Her foster mom carefully cleaned her face and inspected her for cuts and injuries. Fly spray protected her from bugs and a fly mask helped keep the flies out of her weepy eyes. She was brushed and groomed and loved.

For several months Oreo gained weight. But the years of poor care had taken their toll. Old injuries left her unsound in three legs, and she could not trot or canter - she simply hobbled along. Even after she gained weight, she was unsteady on her feet. A veterinary examination revealed likely neurological damage - possibly from an untreated disease.

Oreo left us for the ‘great horse pastures’ beyond. She joins her foster mom’s personal horses, many BEHS horses and all the horses we have all loved and lost.

Thank you to Joanne for giving Oreo many good months and letting her know she was loved. And thank you for letting many of us meet, pet and adore Oreo - and remember why we do what we do.


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