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BEHS 089 - Jewel
Arrived at the Rescue
Arrived in 2006
2019 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 2004
Arrived at BEHS
25 March 2006
31 January 2019
Intake Group

Jewel arrived at the rescue in March 2006 along with eleven other Welsh Mountain Ponies. Her former owner had purchased a stallion and two mares and turned them out on pasture where he let them breed and then let the offspring inbreed for several years. He did not handle any of the horses, so they were living as wild horses. When the owner could no longer care for them, Bluebonnet took them into the rescue and set about taming them. Jewel came around slowly and began the search for her forever home. She met him at the 2008 Bluebonnet Horse Expo and went home a few days later. Her returned her in 2017 because she wasn’t getting along with his new horses.

Jewel went to a trainer after being returned and was started under saddle.  She then attended the 2017 Bluebonnet Horse Expo and was adopted by someone who plans to turn her into a riding pony for her son. Unfortunately, Jewel did not work out and was returned in the summer of 2018.  Jewel was adoped in early 2019 by someone who had adopted another pony from her same herd.  She lost that pony, Pixie, and wanted to give Jewel a home for life!


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Jewel Thanks

Jodi L.
Joanne T.
Marianne S.
Denise & Bobbie C.
Gaye & Mike P.
Trisha & Mike G.
Mearl T.
Charlotte A.
Jodi L.
Talia J.