Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Red Cloud

BEHS 090 - Red Cloud
2006 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 2005
Arrived at BEHS
25 March 2006
31 July 2006
Intake Group

Red Cloud came to BEHS because his owner had far too many horses. He and his herdmates had been allowed to live out on land, not being fed or handled. When he arrived at BEHS he did not know how to be caught, haltered, or lead. He was leery of all new people and new things. He slowly came around and was adopted by a couple as a beautiful pet.


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Red Cloud Thanks

Joanne T.
Marianne S.
Denise and Bobbie C.
Gaye and Mike P.
Trisha and Mike G.
Mearl T.
Charlotte A.
Brad and Cameron S.
Cat B.
Bonnie G.W.