Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Moontan

BEHS 092 - Moontan
Rainbow Bridge
2006 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1999
Arrived at BEHS
25 March 2006
Rainbow Bridge
24 October 2006
Intake Group

This past March, BEHS members and volunteers gathered in North Texas for The Great Wild Pony Roundup. A family had purchased two mares and one stallion several years earlier, turned them out, and one day realized that they had almost 30 ponies - many of which had never been handled! They had to cut their herd down, and one of their options was to send them all to an auction or to the slaughterhouse. Luckily a rescue got involved and then asked for our help. We agreed to take ten, another rescue took 12, and a sanctuary got the remaining stallion gelded.

The round up was rough - the ponies had to be run into pens, separated, and then run down an alley way onto trailers. When they got to their new homes, they were given time to settle in and then the foster homes began taming them. Three of those ponies (Red Cloud, Smokey and Peanut) came around quickly and were adopted into loving homes.

Others are progressing more slowly.

One pony, Moontan, had been a stallion but he was coming around. He was getting easy to catch, he was letting people touch/pet him, and he was doing well. Moontan’s foster mom hoped that he would soon get to go up for adoption.

Unfortunately this morning his foster mom found him with a broken leg. No one knows how it happened - sometimes freak accidents happen that no one can prevent. The break was one that could not be repaired, so Moontan crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join Trinket and the others in the Bluebonnet herd beyond.


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