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Meet Tempest

BEHS 093 - Tempest
2007 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2008 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1999
Arrived at BEHS
25 March 2006
14 February 2007
Rainbow Bridge
1 August 2008
Intake Group

Tempest came to BEHS in March 2007 along with several other Welsh Mountain Ponies. These guys had been running lose on a large acreage and breeding over the years. Once the owner had about 30 horses, he realized he had too many horses to deal with and asked for help. Unfortunately these horses hadn’t been handled much and were wilder than wild! Tempest was the harem stallion and did not want to become a domestic horse. He was adopted by his foster “mom’ and given a place to live out his life in peace. Unfortunately his time with his adopter was cut too short - but while he was with her, he had the best of everything: a safe place to live with someone who cared for him and plenty of great food.


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Tempest Thanks

Joanne T.
Marianne S.
Denise & Bobbie C.
Gaye & Mike P.
Trisha & Mike G.
Mearl T.
Charlotte A.