Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Matilda

BEHS 110 - Matilda
2008 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2009 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1986
Arrived at BEHS
13 August 2006
14 February 2008
Rainbow Bridge
27 November 2009
Chestnut / Sorrel
Intake Group

Matilda came to BEHS along with Henry, Misty, Sophy, Cookie and Celeste in mid-August 2006. The 20 year old draft mare was emaciated - every bone protruding beneath her dull coat. She had spent much of her life on a production line at a PMU ranch in Canada and then made her way to Arkansas. Her owner owned a feed store - yes you read that right. The man owned a feed store but did not feed his own horses. He agreed to surrender the six worst horses to BEHS and we quickly got them out of there.

Matilda, like most PMU horses, hadn’t been handled much. And she apparently wasn’t handled much during her life in Arkansas either. She was enormous and she knew it. She used her weight to push down fences and push people around. And her farrier eventually refused to handle her anymore. She was a bully.

But, her foster “dad” absolutely adored her. He babied her and she seemed to love her too. He and Matilda were best pals.

But Matilda’s life had not been an easy one, and those hard years took a toll on her body. Her foster/adopter’s daughter was a vet, so she got the best of care. But recently it became clear that this life was just too much for Matilda and on the day after Thanksgiving, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Our sympathies go to those who loved her - and our heart felt thanks go to them as well. Matilda didn’t know love in her life until that day in 2006 she was removed from the negligent owners. We’re glad that she had a great team of people there for her.


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