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Meet Sophy

BEHS 112 - Sophy
2012 Adoptions
2008 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 1995
Arrived at BEHS
13 August 2006
15; Rehomed 17 January 2012 July 2008

Sophy came to BEHS in 2006 along with herdmates. Before coming to the rescue, Sophy’s life wasn’t easy. She had been a PMU mare. After that, she moved to a farm where she was not cared for well and she was severely underweight when she arrived. She also hadn’t been handled much, and since she’s huge, she intimidated many people. She waited to find her perfect home - but it was worth the wait. Her adopter is absolutely smitten with Sophy. Congrats Sophy and Bud!


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Sophy Thanks

Faulkner County Arkansas Sheriff's Department
Tina S.
Dr. Teresa Miller, DVM
Randy & Michelle S.
Jim and Cassie A.
Cindie M.
Bud B.
Lisa M.
Pippa & Don H.