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Meet Celeste

BEHS 113 - Celeste
2010 Adoptions
2007 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 2006
Arrived at BEHS
13 August 2006
2007; Readopted 2010

Celeste came to BEHS in 2006 - a little filly with a badly swollen and infected hock. For a long time, we didn’t think she would be sound to ride. But as she grew, put on weight and recovered, her leg got stronger. Her vet cleared her to start riding - and she started looking for her forever home. It has taken her four long years, but this week, Celeste was adopted! She’ll be going to live with a family with draft horses in Texas. Congrats to Celeste and her new family!


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Celeste Thanks

Faulkner County Arkansas Sheriff's Department
Tina S.
Theresa Miller DVM
Linda B.
Pippa and Don H.