Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Peggy

BEHS 146 - Peggy
Rainbow Bridge
2007 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1983
Arrived at BEHS
2 February 2007
Rainbow Bridge
4 February 2007
Intake Group

I met Peggy on a Thursday. It was drizzling icy rain when I arrived. I was met by two ACO’s and a police officer. There was no shelter and too many horses in too little space.

Peggy was in a body condition around 1.0. It was all she could do to walk into the trailer. I slowly drove her straight to the vet, fearing she wouldn’t be able to stand up during travel. He told me she was about 23yrs and severely malnourished. An hour later, the vet said he thought she could travel the 30min to my house. Once we got home, I put a warm blanket on her and gave her a clean stall. I thought to myself that might be the first time she has been warm in weeks. I made a mesh of warm water and a handful of Purina equine senior. It wasn’t much, but she was so happy to eat. I gave her a little hay. She made it through her first full day and four small feedings. Late on her second day, I went down to feed her for the four time and she was down…too tired and too weak. I was too late. Soon, she was gone.

How can you fall in love in 48hrs? How can you fall in love after only 10 feedings? I promise you Peggy, I will try to get your other three friends out of there before it is too late. I will do my best. Just like you did your best. You were loved.


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