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Meet Biscuit

BEHS 148 - Biscuit
2008 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2008 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1988
Arrived at BEHS
5 February 2007
31 May 2008
Rainbow Bridge
1 December 2008

Biscuit came to BEHS from a neglect case. When a neglect investigator arrived on the scene, they originally thought Biscuit was dead – she was laying flat on her side and not moving. Suddenly Biscuit raised her head and looked at the investigator, and the investigator knew she couldn’t leave her. Biscuit was severely underweight and walking on hooves so overgrown that they had begun to curl up. Once Biscuit got to a foster home, where she received the care she deserved. She put on weight and her feet got much needed hoof care. She was lame from founder but was adopted as a pet and beloved friend. She died of natural causes/old age in December 2008 and is greatly missed.


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Biscuit Thanks

Hays Co. Animal Control
Nan C.
Regina A.
Courtney A.
Cecilia A.
Cassie S.
Amy W.
Vivian A.
Gail and Joan M.
Cathy P.
Amber S.