Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Bailey

BEHS 154 - Bailey
2007 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2013 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 2004
Arrived at BEHS
15 February 2007
26 May 2007

Bailey and twenty-four other herdmates were seized from a negligent owner by law enforcement and awarded to BEHS. When he arrived he had been handled very little, but he was sweet and quickly came around. His foster “dad” fell in love and decided to adopt Bailey and make him a permanent addition to his herd.  Bailey spent many years with his family, giving them love and kindness.  Sadly in November 2013, he passed away.


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Bailey Thanks

Robertson County Sheriff's Department
Pam A.
Cathi W.
Sheril S.
Darla G.
Cat & Kyle B.
Jackie & Leon E.
Sharon M.H.
Audra R.
Floe C. & family
Ricke W.
Darianne O.
Spencer & Jennifer W.
Bobby & Denise C. & family
Laura S.
Dixie & Marcus
Dr. Wagner
John & Jimmie W.