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Meet Gidget

BEHS 175 - Gidget
2007 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2009 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1992
Arrived at BEHS
23 February 2007
30 September 2007
Rainbow Bridge
19 January 2009

Gidget also arrived at Bluebonnet in February 2007. A law enforcement officer found her when investigating a neglect complaint and asked BEHS to take her in. Ralph & Loretta immediately opened their homes and hearts to her, but when she got there they were concerned she might not make it. Not only was she skin and bones, but one front leg was twisted. They asked me to come look at her, and when I first saw her my immediate thought was that we should put her down. But when she walked out of the pen, she walked strong. It looks like her leg and shoulder were both broken and healed poorly, but Gidget had learned to compensate on her own. And this little mare was so sweet and kind - she stole my heart immediately. That summer, Gidget met her new “mom”. Melba traveled up to help us prepare a mailout, and she met and fell in love with Gidget. Several weeks later, she came back and took Gidget home. Gidget became a pet for Melba and her grandson, and she became a companion to Melba’s other horse. Earlier this week, Gidget joined Biscuit and the Bluebonnet heard beyond. I know everyone who met this kind mare feels pain at her loss, but I know Jonathon and Melba feel it most sharply. I’m glad you two could show Gidget the love she deserved, and I’m sorry she wasn’t with you longer.


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Gidget Thanks

Brazos Co. Sheriff's Dept.
Julie B.
Ralph & Loretta P.
Cathi W.
Melba and Jonathon H.