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Meet Pockets

BEHS 200 - Pockets
2011 Adoptions
2008 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 2002
Arrived at BEHS
19 July 2007
14 November 2008; Readopted 27 April 2011

Great news for Pockets! I have to admit, I’ve admired and liked this horse since he came into BEHS in 2006. He was adopted but returned when his adopter had to move. He’s a super-cute little guy and I knew someone would love him! I was right - he met his adopter last week and she fell in love. She adopted him and is going to pick him up from his foster home this week. Congrats!


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Pockets Thanks

Tina S.
Debra M.
Laura M.
Debbie M.
Eugene R.
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department
Tina S.
Kenna G.
Jennifer Bushnok, DVM
Alice Y.
Spencer & Jenn W.
Kenneth S.
Jill M.