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Meet Ranger

BEHS 214 - Ranger
2008 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 2004
Arrived at BEHS
20 September 2007
18 July 2008

Ranger came to BEHS from a neglect case along with several other horses. He was underweight and only gained weight slowly. A volunteer who helped his foster home fell in love with Ranger and decided to make him her own.

2010 update:

Ranger was one of our fosters. We spent a lot of time with him but getting his trust has taken a long time. I think he was tazed by some helpers during his rescue. After we had him, he had a couple of hoof abscesses and was always low in the pecking order. We had him at the house for a while in the pasture by himself by the garden taking care of his last abscess. I love TWH and always thought he was so beautiful. I would have loved to kept him but had to sing the “foster” song. I would work in the garden as part of my “therapy” and just talk and talk to him as he hung his head over the fence watching me. Janice adopted him even before his hoof healed and came to see him every day and feed him. So he has a Mom, Janice, and I guess I am his grandmother. Since he lives in one of our pastures, I get to see him often. This is the first time I have had chance to spend some time with him standing tied. He is doing so good. Still a little hard to catch in a group, but once caught he is a doll. Janice is convinced now that other people have ridden him that he is safe and is going to start riding him more.


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Ranger Thanks

Tina S.
Faulkner Co. Sheriff's office
AR State Police
Janet R.
Jackie & Leon E.
Janice G.