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BEHS 252 - Maximus
2010 Adoptions
2009 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 2004
Arrived at BEHS
1 April 2008
6 November 2010

Maximus came to Bluebonnet in April of last year emaciated. Max also had an injury that required some interesting surgery, but he rehabbed and healed just fine. He was adopted this weekend by Wayne W and Leslie G. Wayne and Leslie met Max at the Expo. They applied to adopt and were fourth in line for him as many wanted this special little guy. For one reason or another, the other adoptions did not go through and Max went home yesterday to be a family/pleasure horse and pasture mate for Lulu, another adopted Bluebonnet horse. Congrats and Happy Trails to everyone!


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Maximus Thanks

Brazoria County Sheriff's Department
Julie B.
Jennifer & Spencer W.
Denise C.
Joanne T.
Leslie S.
Jennifer & Spencer W.
Melissa B.
Bobbie & Denise C.
Leslie S.
Nate D. and family