Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Whiskey

BEHS 265 - Whiskey
2008 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 2000
Arrived at BEHS
4 June 2008
6 August 2008

Whiskey came into BEHS in early June. Pearland Animal Control seized him and Jubilee in a neglect case. They asked us to take them to finish Jubilee’s rehabilitation and find them forever homes. When they arrived, Whiskey was a bit standoffish and always went around with his ears back. He didn’t like to be caught, either, and I wondered what I got myself into! But after a few days, he learned that being caught meant he got dinner, and he decided he liked being caught just fine! He also started hanging over the fence and his stall panels to watch me and begin nickering for his dinner. I learned that he was a laid back horse - nothing bothered him. I could tie him, groom him, fly spray him, bath him and he stood for it. He didn’t mind being saddled or bridled, either. I did find his one bad habit - he is incredibly barn sour. So barn sour that he runs for the barn under saddle and I couldn’t stop him. I feared that would make him unadoptable. BUT ... Whiskey fond his adopter today. I spoke to Adoree on the phone several times and met her at the Adopt-a-thon. She was so excited that I couldn’t help but be excited, too. She met Whiskey today and she and her husband both looked him over and decided he would work well. She won his love - with an apple. He loaded well and they headed on their way. She’s going to work with him under saddle, fix his bolting problem, and then they’re going to be trail riding pals! I’ll miss Whiskey - he’s a neat horse - but I am so glad to see him get just what he deserves: someone to love him!


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