Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Thunder

BEHS 279 - Thunder
2008 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2008 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1995
Arrived at BEHS
1 August 2008
8 November 2008
Rainbow Bridge
17 November 2008
Intake Group

Thunder’s story is a perfect example of what can happen to horses when their owner’s don’t plan for their own death. Thunder’s owner had him and had him and a couple of mares when he died. He left the horses to his family, but they didn’t want to care for the horses. They decided to leave them out on the pasture to fend for themselves. Thunder bred the mares and foals were born, but no one ever handled the horses. The grass died and the horses lost weight but the family did nothing.

People began to complain to the sheriff’s department that the horses were starving, and that’s when Deputy Pete stepped in. He called one of the Bluebonnet volunteers, and they went out there. They found the little horses starving with no food. Deputy Pete went to talk to the family who decided to sign the horses over to the rescue. We rushed them to foster homes where they slowly gained weight.

Once healthy enough for surgery, Thunder was gelded. He had turned into a cute little pony - big enough for children to ride. When Tonya brought him to the Expo, he found a rider who tested him out and the little guy was a good little riding pony. Shortly after the Expo someone applied to adopt him, and just a few weeks ago Thunder moved into an adoptive home. The family fell in love with him and their pony mare was excited to have a companion.

Three days ago Thunder got sick, and after multiple vet visits, consulting with a second vet, and trying to treat Thunder, he lost his battle and his family sent him over the Rainbow Bridge. I know they’re heartbroken - they did everything anyone could think of to save Thunder, but he could not pull through. My sympathy goes to his adopters, his former fosters and everyone who knew and loved the little man.


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