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Meet Zezz

BEHS 364 - Zezz
2010 Adoptions
2009 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2011 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1987
Arrived at BEHS
20 May 2009
10 October 2009; Readopted 20 June 2010
Rainbow Bridge
10 October 2011

Zezz came to BEHS in May 2009 along with fifty-six other horses as part of a neglect case. Zezz and the other stallions were all kept in stalls, and many of the stalls were several feet deep with compacted manure. They had little access to water and almost no food. When rescuers went to let them out of stalls, many of the latches on the stall doors were rusted shut. Zezz recovered, was gelded and began the long road to rehabilitation. He has a lip tattoo and from that we were able to determine that he had been raced twice as a young horse, coming in 1st and 3rd. After that, we’re not sure what training he had but his foster home found he was well-trained to ride and seemed to enjoy being ridden. His foster “mom” says he’s the happiest horse she’s ever known, always waiting at the gate for her with his ears up and a happy look on his face. He was adopted in 2009 and readopted in 2010. He now shares a home with another BEHS horse, River.

In October 2011, Zezz colicked and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He leaves a hole in the life of everyone who knew him.


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Zezz Thanks

Hopkins Co. Sheriff's Office
Sulphur Springs Police Department
District Attorney Dusty Rabe
Linda A
Christa B
Roxanne C
Steven C
Pamela D
Darla G
Gail G
David M
Denise M
Darienne O
Marianne S
Kim S
Randi S
Brad S
Kaylon S
Kathy S
Donna W
Jennifer W
Dante Z
Megan Z
Denise C.
Spencer W.
Govinda H.