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Meet Judge

BEHS 376 - Judge
2009 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 1997
Arrived at BEHS
20 May 2009
28 October 2009

Judge came to BEHS in May 2009 along with fifty-six other horses as part of a neglect case. Judge and the other stallions were all kept in stalls, and many of the stalls were several feet deep with compacted manure. They had little access to water and almost no food. When rescuers went to let them out of stalls, many of the latches on the stall doors were rusted shut.

Judge recovered, was gelded and began the long rode to rehabilitation. His foster mom quickly determined that he knew how to stand tied, be bathed, and have his feet handled. He let her saddle him but did not seem to have been broke to ride. His foster “mom” says he’s an insecure horse, he needs a lot of praise and reassurance that he’s doing the right thing. However he’s smart and tries hard to figure out what you ask of him.

Judge’s adopter met him at the 2009 Bluebonnet Horse Expo and fell in love. She says he reminds her of a beloved horse she lost earlier this year, and she’s excited to open her home and heart to him. Congrats to Judge and Angela!


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Judge Thanks

Hopkins Co. Sheriff's Office
Sulphur Springs Police Department
District Attorney Dusty Rabe
Linda A
Christa B
Roxanne C
Steven C
Pamela D
Darla G
Gail G
David M
Denise M
Darienne O
Marianne S
Kim S
Randi S
Brad S
Kaylon S
Kathy S
Donna W
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Angela S.