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Meet Octave

BEHS 381 - Octave
2010 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2018 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 1997
Arrived at BEHS
20 May 2009
24 November 2010
Rainbow Bridge
3 May 2018

From Octave’s adopter:

He came to our house in May of 2009, part of a huge seizure of 52 Arabians and Thoroughbreds, almost half of them stallions. They had lived in horrible conditions standing in stalls, with 3-4’ of manure, the gates rusted shut from never being opened. He was one of 6 stallions that ended up at our place, the only thoroughbred in a batch of Arabians. The rest moved on to other homes, but Octave was special and never left. In 2009 he was one of the stars in a Nightline episode filmed at our place about the drought in Texas, and became quite popular. Because he had reoccurring neurological issues, we adopted him and gave him his forever home.

He always loved people and would give you a hug, putting his head over your shoulder and pulling you closer. A gentle giant, he never lacked for anything and spent the last 9 years quietly being a leader in the herd and watching over the other horses. He loved all the animals he came into contact with including his cat Cheese, who would occasionally sleep next to Octave when he stretched out for a nap.

Octave left us last night on his own terms, leaving as peacefully as he had lived the last years of his life. He will be missed by everyone, but especially by his best friend Cimarron, the wild part Arabian gelding that looked up to him as his leader.

Rest in peace Octave, now you can run pain free and not have to worry about balance any longer…….

We love you!!


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Octave Thanks

Hopkins Co. Sheriff’s Office
Sulphur Springs Police Department
District Attorney Dusty Rabe
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