Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Windsong

BEHS 403 - Windsong
2010 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 2002
Arrived at BEHS
27 July 2009
16 October 2010
Intake Group
Hopkins County
Hopkins County July 2009
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Windsong came to BEHS as part of a seizure in 2009. She hadn’t been handled much before coming to BEHS, but when she arrived she was pregnant. She spent the first several months with BEHS hanging out, gaining weight and preparing to become a mother. She gave birth to a healthy foal, and once he was weaned she went to training. She learned quickly and was steady under saddle by the time she attended the 2010 Bluebonnet Horse Expo. She met her adopter there and went home with them to become a pleasure riding horse. Congrats to Windsong and the Hagood family!


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