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Meet Crystal

BEHS 456 - Crystal
2011 Adoptions
2010 Adoptions
Rainbow Bridge
2014 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
1 January 2000
Arrived at BEHS
1 March 2010
15 May 2010; Readopted 12 March 2011
Rainbow Bridge
15 December 2013

Crystal came into BEHS in 2010 as part of a neglect case.  She was adopted but returned when her adopter had to move. She was adopted again in 2011.  She’s joined a new family (they got engaged the day they adopted her!) and became a teacher for the husband and later their son.  She developed melanomas which the couple helped Crystal fight, but eventually they began to cause complications that the vet could not treat.  They tearfully sent Crystal across the Rainbow Bridge.


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Crystal Thanks

Travis County Sheriff's Department
Elizabeth B.
Rachel S.
Colette T.
Amanda & Jonathon S.