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Meet Cisco Kid

BEHS 502 - Cisco Kid
Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge
Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge 2014
2011 Adoptions
Adoption Fee
Brookshire, TX
Date of Birth
1 January 2008
Arrived at BEHS
1 October 2010
Quarter Horse
15 hands
Chestnut / Sorrel

About Cisco Kid

Cisco Kid was found wandering estray in Nueces County. He was then placed with BEHS by the county.  He was adopted and then returned in December 2012.


Cisco Kid appears to have had no handling before coming to BEHS.

Health / Lameness

He has no known health problems.  He has limited vision in one eye, but he has adjusted. He does best with a fly mask in the summer, otherwise he tends to get puffy eyes. 

In the summer of 2015, he was diagnosed with Fibrotic Myopathy in one back leg.  This is likely caused by old scar tissue and results in a ‘hitch’ in his step.  The veterinarian says he is sound for riding but will always have a little hitch in his step.


Cisco Kid’s first reaction when approached it to back away.  However, but he relaxes and stands if spoken to quietly and touched.

Evaluation and Training

Cisco Kid wasn’t handled much before coming to BEHS, so he’s leery of new people. He’s also blind in one eye and can be a little spooky on that side.  He went to a trainer for two months in the spring of 2013 who taught him ground manners and started him under saddle.  He hasn’t been ridden in two years, though, so he will need an experienced rider who can re-start him under saddle.  His current foster home says he’s great to handle on the ground, and he’ll stand for saddling.  He’s got a lot of potential and is a nice age to work with!

Cisco Kid went to training with Hilary LoBue in mid-October 2015.  She says he has stood fine to be saddled and bridled.  She was able to mount him but he is very rusty under saddle. He’s been willing to walk and trot under saddle.  She started cantering him under saddle, and he does canter but is just getting used to carrying a rider’s weight and will need to continue to develop his canter.  She says he has spooked once but it was just a minor jump/startle.  She says he’s very willing and is learning quickly.

Cisco Kid is still green, so he’s going to need a rider who can continue his training.  Hilary believes that with consistent riding and handling, he could become a novice horse because of his kind and willing attitude.

Evaluation / Training
Professionally Trained
Training Level
Started Under Saddle, Green Broke
Riding Suitability / Workload
(Now or in the future with training)
Unrestricted riding


Trailers Yes Clips Unknown
Leads Yes Catches Yes
Ties Yes Bathes Unknown
Trims Yes
Bucks No Kicks No
Bites No Rears No


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Cisco Kid Thanks

Nueces County Sheriff's Department
Sandra H.
Lisa C.
Glenda & John R.
Denise & Bobby C.
Julie B.
Amy L.
Kristina S.