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Meet Rufio

BEHS 527 - Rufio
2013 Adoptions
Date of Birth
1 January 2007
Arrived at BEHS
19 February 2011
2 December 2013
13.1 hands
Chestnut / Sorrel
Star and snip

Rufio and 11 other horses were part of a cruelty seizure in NE Texas. Rufio and his herdmates were awarded to BEHS by the courts. Rufio had not been handled before coming to BEHS, and he had a tough path to travel.  Thanks to two great foster homes, Rufio was rehabilitated and gentled.  He was taught to be caught, haltered, and led.  Trainers worked with him to get him started under saddle, but Rufio was a hard horse to work with.  He participated in a training demo at the 2013 Bluebonnet Horse Expo where he showed the crowds how tough he could be!  Trainer Dan Keen volunteered to take Rufio home and work with him at the Expo if someone would agree to adopt him and pay the training fee to BEHS as his adoption fee.  Someone stepped forwarded and agreed to give Rufio a chance, so he left the Expo with Dan.  He spent six weeks in training with Dan and became a joy to work with.  He found his niche in jumping and obstacle work, and his adopters were thrilled with his progress.  A huge thank you goes out to Dan Keen for seeing the potential in Rufio and helping him achieve his potential!


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Mark Lyon

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Wood Co. Sheriff’s Department
Christy A.
Carrie B.
Lisa M.
Darla G.
Mark and Miranda Lyon
Amber H.
Kim S.
Jennifer W.
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