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BEHS 748 - Clover
Rainbow Bridge
2014 Rainbow Bridge
Date of Birth
Arrived at BEHS
11 November 2014
Blaze, four socks, pinto markings
Intake Group

Clover came to BEHS in November from a neglect case.  Not only was she emaciated, but her hooves were so overgrown she could barely walk.  A veterinary exam showed that her coffin bones had degraded and remodeled.  The veterinarians hoped she could recover, so we agreed to give her a chance.  Unfortunately, Clover had been in pain too long and gave up the fight.  She would only stand when forced and walk only a few steps at a time, despite being on the highest doses of painkillers it was safe to give.  After over a month, both her original veterinarian and another veterinarian who examined her agreed she would not recover.  We never want to make a horse live in unrelenting pain, so we made the decision to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge.

I want to thank her veterinary team, her farrier, her foster home, the person who called her case in, and all of you who supported her care.  She did not die alone, with an empty belly, or unloved.  You all saw to that.


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Clover Thanks

Darienne and David O.
Denise & Bobby C.
Jacqueline G
Debra S
Kathy B.

Terry R.

Steven N.

Horse Hollow Press

Jerry W.

Cheryl B.

Lorrie S.

Anne F.

Melissa J.

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Diana M.

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