Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Brooklyn

BEHS 836 - Brooklyn
Arrived at the Rescue
Arrived in 2016
In Rehabilitation
Adoption Fee
Not yet available
Waco, TX
Date of Birth
1 January 2008
Arrived at BEHS
22 August 2016
Thoroughbred Cross
15.3 hands
Small star
Intake Group
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About Brooklyn

Brooklyn was removed from negligent owners and placed with Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society by the sheriff’s department.


Nothing is known of Brooklyn’s history before coming to Bluebonnet.

Health / Lameness

Brooklyn has no known health or lameness problems.

In October 2016, Brooklyn had a seizure when sedated for teeth floating.  Her veterinarians said it could have been a reaction to the sedative or it may be that she had leaned her head/neck on the stock partition and cut off her air supply.  Caution should be taken in the future with sedating her in the future.  She was sedated again in September 2017 for teeth floating and then sedated with a strong sedative to have pieces of a broken wolf tooth extracted.  She was fine with seadation both of those times.


Brooklyn hates to have her mouth handled or touched, so she is very difficult to worm.  She also snatches her back hooves away when being trimmed (she’s gotten much better with consistent handling).

Brooklyn’s major issue is taking bridle off.  Her trainer made the video above on unbridling Brooklyn to help the foster or adopter in her future continue the training process. Her trainer says, “She has gotten better but I feel whoever takes her next needs to continue this process or she will revert quickly.  I feel a metal bit will not benefit her and make her worse.  A happy mouth bit or another similar plastic bit will help her get better, she is soft enough she can even do well in a hackamore.” 

Evaluation and Training

Brooklyn is a sweet and friendly mare.  She is easy to catch, lead, load, groom, and saddle.  She longes and lines drives with a saddle and without.  When her foster home first started bridling her, she was very hard to bridle but since a broken wolf tooth was extracted she’s been much easier. 

Brooklyn has spent time with trainer Hilary Lobue in October-November 2017.  Hilary says, “She can be pushy on the ground and needs someone who will correct her when she takes the lead.  When tied she can paw with her front hooves.  She does good for farrier and grooming.  She stands for mounting and is a nice trail/ pleasure horse.  She has a smooth trot but does require leg to get her going.  She prefers to take it easy, ride trails and cross obstacles.  She is not spooky and is happy taking the lead on trails.  She has been fine with passing trucks, cows, sheep and barking dogs.  She will do best with a hackamore or a happy mouth bit at least for awhile as she can be difficult to unbridle maybe because she had mouth pain in the past.  She is very light in the mouth and responds very well with a hackamore (she has a great stop).  She loads and unloads in trailer like a dream.”

Brooklyn suffered a pasture injury in October and will not be available for adoption until she has healed.

Evaluation / Training
Professional Trainer Evaluated
Trained Prior to Arrival at BEHS
Training Level
Basic Groundwork
Started Under Saddle, Green Broke
Riding Suitability / Workload
(Now or in the future with training)
Unrestricted riding


Trailers Yes Clips Unknown
Leads Yes Catches Yes
Ties Yes Bathes Unknown
Trims Yes
Bucks No Kicks No
Bites No Rears No


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Brooklyn over obstacles.