Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Obie

BEHS 949 - Obie
Arrived at the Rescue
Arrived in 2017
Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge
Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge 2018
Adoption Fee
Bruceville-Eddy, TX
Date of Birth
1 January 2014
Arrived at BEHS
13 December 2017
12.3 hands
Intake Group

About Obie

Obie was surrendered to Bluebonnet when his owners were investigated for neglect.  It seems he had not had much handling before coming to Bluebonnet.


It appears Obie had not been handled much before coming to Bluebonnet.

Health / Lameness

Obie’s growth appears to have been stunted due to malnutrition.  He also has an old injury to his jaw.  His veterinarian does not feel like this is causing him problems now and should not cause him problems in the future.


Obie is currently a biter.  He does not nibble or nip at fingers or hands, but he will try to bite people on the arms or back and he’s especially bad at farrier time.  He is getting much better with consistent work and repirmanding but he’s going to need an experienced handler still for a while until we’re confident that he’s given up biting.

He also will chase, and try to stomp/injure/kill, dogs and cats.  He should not go to a home where dogs or cats wander the pastures or stalls. 

Obie will be competing under saddle in the professional division of the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge with trainer Laurie Oehlerking.  He will be available for adoption starting on October 20, 2018 at the Challenge competition during the Bluebonnet Horse Expo in Austin, Texas.

You can follow their progress on their Facebook page.

Evaluation and Training

Obie was not handled much before coming to Bluebonnet.  He was also poorly fed, so he appears to be both physically stunted and mentally immature.  There’s a good chance he may yet grow a few inches with good nutrition, but he’s never gong to be a big horse and will probably always be pony sized.

Obie is a sweet little guy, and he’s smart and not spooky at all.  He’s been started under saddle by his Training Challenge trainer, and they’re currently working under saddle at a walk, trot, and canter.  They’ve recently started going out on trail rides and are working over obstacles in the arena.

Evaluation / Training
Professionally Trained
Training Level
Halter Broke
Basic Groundwork
Started Under Saddle, Green Broke
Riding Suitability / Workload
(Now or in the future with training)
Unrestricted riding


Trailers Yes Clips Unknown
Leads Yes Catches Yes
Ties Yes Bathes Unknown
Trims Yes
Bucks No Kicks No
Bites Yes Rears No

Like many young horses, Obie bites.  He is improving with consistent handling but may test a new handler. 

He also is very aggressive towards dogs and cats and should not go to a home where dogs or cats have access to the horses.


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