Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Meet Autumn

BEHS 952 - Autumn
Arrived at the Rescue
Arrived in 2017
In Rehabilitation
Adoption Fee
Not yet available
Terrell, TX
Date of Birth
1 January 2012
Arrived at BEHS
20 December 2017
Intake Group

About Autumn

Autumn was placed with Bluebonnet when her owners could no longer keep her.


Autumn’s previous owners had her as a pet.

Health / Lameness

Autumn has no known health or lameness problems.  While with Bluebonnet, she did pull a muscle in one leg and was lame.  She was treated by a veterinarian and now appears sound.

Evaluation and Training

Her previous owner was told she was only a broodmare, but she was evaluated by a trainer when she arrived at Bluebonnet.  They discovered she had been started under saddle and was rideable.  She was calm with the saddle, the rider, and the rider’s leg pressure.  She’s green but will make a nice horse for someone.

Autumn is a sweet mare most of the time.  She has kicked at people several times, so she’s going to spend 2-4 weeks with a trainer September-October 2018 to work through this issue and get a training refresher.

Evaluation / Training
Professional Trainer Evaluated
Trained Prior to Arrival at BEHS
Training Level
Started Under Saddle, Green Broke
Riding Suitability / Workload
(Now or in the future with training)
Unrestricted riding


Trailers Yes Clips Unknown
Leads Yes Catches Yes
Ties Yes Bathes Unknown
Trims Yes
Bucks No Kicks Yes
Bites No Rears No

She has kicked a few times at feeding time and when startled.


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