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Bluebonnet’s Celebration of the Horse Ride-A-Thon

23 April 2017 Filed: Events and Fundraisers

We’re adding a new event to our HelpAHorse Day festivities - a Ride-a-Thon, and you can participate from anywhere in the world!

Who can enter?
If you have access to a horse, pony, mule, donkey, or miniature that you can ride or drive, you can participate! You can sign up at any time - even after the ride time has started.

How does this work?
Simply register for the Ride-A-Thon (below).  Then ask your friends and family to sponsor you - they pick how much they’re going to donate to Bluebonnet for each time you ride between April 1 and April 23.  You keep a log of your rides of at least 15 minutes (date and length), and post about your ride progress on the Facebook event.

After April 23, simplify let each of your sponsors know how many rides you completed and collect your sponsorships (this can be done via check or Paypal link and information will be provided to each participant on how to collect and submit fees). 

We will have prizes for the person raising the most funds, logging the most ride hours, and logging the most rides.  We may add more prizes as we get more sponsors.

Become a Ride-A-Thon Sponsor
Sponsorships will help cover the costs of prizes, advertising, and any miscellaneous expenses.  Sponsors names will be listed on the website, Facebook event, and Facebook group.

Sponsor a Rider/Horse


Riders and their Horses

  • Twylight Allison of Forestburg,TX riding Chip, a bay, Quarter horse gelding that Twylight rides on trails and in competitive trail competitions.

    Twylight’s riding because, “I love giving horses a second chance at life, and that is exactly what Bluebonnet does!”

  • Cheryl Bisson from Harper, TX riding Cash, a Quarter Horse gelding that Cheryl adopted from Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society in 2015 (former name Dom Perignon).

    Cheryl says she’s riding, “For BEHS to be able to continue their work, have the funds to do so and never have to turn away an animal in need.”

  • Lee Bailey Bradshaw of Maxwell, TX riding Hamlet, a 5 year old, AQHA gelding.

    Lee Bailey is riding because, “- Bluebonnet has done so much for the less fortunate equines. Doing what I love and putting rides on one of my favorite personal horses to raise money is the least I can do to contribute to their cause. I appreciate everything that Bluebonnet has done and plans to continue to do for horses who need a second chance. “

  • Laura Finnell of Austin, TX riding Jubilee, a bay, Thoroughbred mare that Laura adopted from Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society.

    Laura is riding “to show my appreciation. You guys saved an awesome mare and kept her safe. I love her so much and want to help other horses find good homes!”

  • Erika Forstrom of Paradise, TX riding Whinny Girl, a 12 year old Appendix mare Erika adopted from Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society last year.

    Erika is riding, “Because this is where Whinny and I met, and we are giving back.”

  • Cynthia Lawhon of Lockhart, TX riding Madame Cheriee a grade Quarter Horse-type mare that Cynthia adopted from Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society.

    Cynthia is riding because “She is my best friend ... which would not have happened if BEHS hadn’t rescued her.”

  • Sybil Miller of Austin, TX riding Redabyebye and Nattimana. Red is a 10 yo thoroughbred gelding, and Natti is an 11 year old, grade mare that Sybil adopted from Bluebonnet in March of this year.

    Sybil is riding because, “Bluebonnet is a great organization, one we and the horses truly need! I’ve adopted two horses from Bluebonnet this year—Mani, who is a retired 22 yo thoroughbred gelding, and Nattimana, who has just joined our family! Two very lucky horses, thanks to Bluebonnet!”

  • Tina Parnell of Troy, TX riding Shug, 11 year old, bay, Quarter Horse gelding adopted from Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society.

    Tina is riding for Bluebonnet because, “I have a passion for horses and being able to help them anytime that I can.”

  • Autumn Rachui of Franklin, TX riding Monster, an 11 year old, OTT TB gelding.

    Autumn is riding “to raise money to help them help horses”.

  • Kaylon Robinson of Lockhart, TX riding Mozzie, 2013 sorrel, AQHA gelding.

    Kaylon is riding “To help needy horses live a better life.”

  • Lena and Lloyd Robinson of Lockhart, TX riding Pie Pony- JS Drifters Conquest, a 2003, Quarter Horse, red dun mare.

    Lena and Lloyd are riding:  “Because riding is fun!”-Lena nearly 4 years old. “Yeah! I ride.”- Lloyd 2 years old.

  • Meaghan Threadgill of College Station, TX riding Tye, an 18 year old, Thoroughbred cross gelding.

    Meaghan is riding “to increase awareness and support for rescue horses”.

  • Jennifer Williams of Spring Hill, KS riding Galeno, Freckles, and Jawhari.  Galeno is a 2011, Andalusian cross gelding that Jennifer adopted from Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society in 2013.  Freckles is a 2000 Quarter Horse/Arabian cross mare, and Jawhari is a 1995 Arabian gelding.

    Jennifer’s riding because “Because I love my adopted horse and want to help other horses.”

  • Josey Williams of Spring Hill, KS riding Jawhari, a 22 year old Arabian gelding.

    Josey is riding because, “I ride horse! I ride Jawhari! Wear my horse hat!”

  • Carter Wills (age 5) of Troy, TX riding Seven and Small Fry.  Seven is a 10 year old, 16.3 hh Paint gelding and Small Fry is an 11 year old, 36” paint pony gelding. 

    Carter is riding because “I just really want to help all the horses find their special person.”

  • Jessica Wills of Troy, TX riding Bocephus, a 24 year old, 15.3 hh sorrel gelding.

    Jessica is riding because “Just trying to do my part to make the world a better place by helping one equine at a time. My daughter, my sister and I have been around numerous Bluebonnet horses and it is amazing to see the transformation they go through when given a second chance at a happy ending. “

To register:
You can email the following info to or fill out the below form.

Needed info:
City, State, Zip
Horse name
Horse description
Type of riding you do
Why are you riding for Bluebonnet?

By submitting this information, you agree to let BEHS use your information and your horse’s information on the Ride for Bluebonnet website, Facebook events, etc.


Complete the form.  If you would like to also have a photo of your horse or you and horse displayed as part of the event, please email your photo to


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