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Bluebonnet’s Celebration of the Horse Virtual Photo Show

23 April 2017 Filed: Events and Fundraisers

This is our 2nd Annual HelpAHorse Day virtual photo show, and we have a couple of new features this year!

What is a virtual horse show?
A virtual horse show is one that’s held online using photos.  You don’t have to spend hours bathing your horse, hauling to a show, or fretting about the weather!  You simply email in photos and Paypal your entry fee.  We’ll hold voting from April 22-23 on Facebook and then award ribbons based on who gets the most votes!

How do you enter?
Look over the list of classes below, then email your photos along with your name, your horse’s name,age, and breed to  On April 21, Jennifer will add all the photos to the Facebook event.

How is the show judged?
After the photos are uploaded to the Facebook event, anyone can go ‘like’ any photo.  The photo with the most likes in a class will win 1st place, the 2nd most likes gets 2nd place, etc.

We will award rosettes to 1st place and ribbons through 6th place.

You can create a class for the virtual photo show.  For a $10 sponsorship fee, you can add a class to the list - you donate your $10 and create the name and description of the class.  For example, for $10 someone could create the “Best Foster Horse - Sponsored by NAME”.  You can create classes for any equine, farm animal, or pet. Then you, your friends, or anyone else can enter that class and it will be judged like any other class in our virtual horse show.

Name/Description of Class

Class List:
We will add to our class list as new classes are purchased/sponsored.
Class 1. Cute foals
Class 2.  Adopted Rescue Horses
Class 3.  Fostered Rescue Horses
Class 4.  Farm Dogs - Sponsored by Pam Lynn
Class 5.  Creative Clipping Jobs (show off your horse clipping skills!) - Sponsored by Laura Finnell
Class 6.  Large Rescue Dogs - Sponsored by Sandy Grubb
Class 7.  Huntseat pleasure (no jumping) - Sponsored by Jennifer Williams
Class 8. Hunter/Jumper (over fences) - Sponsored by Jennifer Williams
Class 9. Dressage - Sponsored by Jennifer Williams
Class 10. Western pleasure - Sponsored by Jennifer Williams
Class 11. Costume - Sponsored by Jennifer Williams
Class 12.  Senior Horses 20 years and over - Sponsored by Susan Gudaitis
Class 13.  Dog Costume Class - Sponsored by Joyce Hayes
Class 14.  Delightful Donkeys - Sponsored by Meaghan Selger Nutt
Class 15.  Infamous Equine Advocates - Sponsored by Wendi Neckameyer
Class 16.  Mischievous Miniatures - Sponsored by Robin Morin
Class 17.  Kill Pen Rescue Horses - Sponsored by Stephanie Koiner
Class 18.  Farm Cats - Sponsored by Nanci Falley/American Indian Horse Registry

Pay Your Entry Fees:
Unlimited classes, photos, and animals (for one person):  $100

Unlimited classes and photos for one animal:  $30

One photo for one animal in one class: $5