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3 December 2019 Filed: Events and Fundraisers

#GivingToHorsesDay is almost here!  On December 3rd, we celebrate #GivingTuesday with #GivingToHorsesDay:  this is a 24 hour period of fundraising designed to kick off our year end giving.  The funds we raise during #GivingToHorsesDay will help starving, abused, abandoned, and estray horses get the help they need to recover and then to thrive! 

Please counteract the commercialism of the holiday season with a gift to help horses.  Funds raising during #GivingToHorsesDay help with veterinary care, farrier care, feeding, and training formerly unloved horses and helping them go on to find loving homes who will cherish and protect them.


Help Spread the Word and Raise Funds for Needy Horses!

You can be a Rescue Horse Champion!  How?  Just create your own #GivingToHorsesDay Fundraiser on Facebook and invite your friends to donate.  Once you create your fundraiser,  email us the link to your fundraiser, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for Bluebonnet s-shirts, hats, and more.  Not only could you win prizes, but you’ll be helping needy horses get the help they deserve.

Follow these steps to create your fundraiser:

Click on the image to elnarge it.

#GivingToHorsesDay Fundraiser
Kari Boakes

Janet Chamberlin
Tami Gandt
Bonnie Harlow
Jessica Holms - Roughton
Stephanie Shea
Casey Waldrop
Jennifer Williams

Voting for My Giving Stories
Another easy way to help horses is to vote daily for My Giving Stories:
Michelle Burkhardt’s Story

Janet Chamberlin’s Story

Susan Murray’s Story

Casey Waldrop’s Story

Jennifer Williams’ Story

You can also submit your own story here - the organization with the most submitted stories will win money to help further their mission!  Email the link to your story Jennifer, and you may win Bluebonnet prizes!


Another way to spread awareness is to change your profile photo on Facebook and other social media to the I am #GivingToHorses badge (above).  To do that, right click on the badge above and click Save Image.  Then go to your social media account and change your profile photo.  You’ll be showing people your love for rescue horses and inspiring others to give!