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28 November 2017 Filed: Events and Fundraisers

THANK YOU to our donors and supporters!  You made #GivingToHorses Day a huge success, raising over $11,000 to help hroses and exceeding our $10,000 goal!

Watch Thank you video from Bluebonnet’s Executive Director Dr. Jennifer Williams and Bluebonnet horses Brinlee and Ketchum!

During #GivingToHorses Day on November 28, Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society is raising funds to help needy horses in 2018.  Our goal is $10,000 - and we’re confident you can help us exceed this goal!  We’ll be posting updates on our Facebook page throughout the day to keep you updated on our progress. 

#GivingToHorsesDay is Bluebonnet’s version of #GivingTuesday.  #GivingTuesday was created to counter the commercialism of the holiday season - a chance to give back to the nonprofits that make the world a better place.

When you donate to #GivingToHorsesDay, you’ll be helping starving, abused, abandoned, and estray horses throughout Texas (and beyond!).

Snapple is one of the horses you helped this year.  He came to Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society earlier this year as part of a large neglect case.  He was starving and had barely been handled when he arrived - and he was still a stallion.  When he arrived, Snapple was scared of people and lashed out with his teeth when scared. 

Before coming to Bluebonnet, Snapple’s future was grim.  But thanks to your donations, we could take him in.  He gained weight, he was gelded, and he got the handling and training he needed to live with humans.  Today he’s with a foster home who is continuing to ride and handle him, and he’s going to find a great, loving home as a riding horse - thanks to you.

There are many more horses out there like Snapple, though.  Your donation to #GivingToHorses Day will change their lives.

Download our “I’m #GivingToHorses” profile photo to use on Facebook.

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