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Bluebonnet’s Celebration of the Horse for HelpAHorse Day - THROUGHOUT APRIL

30 April 2017 Filed: Events and Fundraisers

Bluebonnet will be celebrating HelpAHorse Day 2017 with Bluebonnet’s Celebration of the Horse.

HelpAHorse Day is a series of events sponsored by the ASPCA and held by horse rescues across the United States.  The goal is to raise funds for each rescue, increase rescue awareness, get horses adopted, and recruit new volunteers.  All funds raised by each rescue stay with that rescue (so nothing you donate to Bluebonnet will go to the ASPCA or anyone else).  HOWEVER, we may also qualify for additional prize money from the ASPCA based on how much we raise and how many people attend our events.  You could help us win $25,000 just by coming to or participating in one of our events!

Our Celebration of the Horse will include:

    A series of booths across the state of Texas to raise awareness about horse rescue
    Benefit playday at Texas Lost Pines Riding Club (April 22)
    A low cost vaccination clinic in LaGrange (April 29
    A Rde-a-thon
    Virtual Horse Show
    Online event with auction and more

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Bluebonnet’s Celebration of the Calendar of Events

All month:

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April 1-23:
Bluebonnet Virtual/Photo Horse (and other animal) show
Bluebonnet Ride-A-Thon

April 1:
Booth at Alvin Tractor Supply Company from 9am-4pm
Booth at Texas A&M University Veterinary School Open House from 9am-4pm
Booth at Woods Guest Ranch (Boswell, OK)

April 8:
Booth at Waco All Breed Event from 10am-3pm

April 15:
Booth at LaGrange TSC from 9am-5pm
Booth at Boerne TSCLow Cost Equine Vaccination Clinic (Alvin, TX)

April 16:
Booth at LaGrange TSC from 9am-5pm

April 22:
Booth at Arcola Feeds from 9am-3pm
Booth at Brenham Tractor Supply Company from 10am-4pm
Booth at Kyle Field Day from 11am-3pm (College Station)
Booth at Miracle Farms Roping Event (Brenham) from 9am-3pm

April 22-29:
Celebration of the Horse Online Auction

April 29:
Celebration of the Horse Playday at Texas Lost Pines Riding Club Arena (Elgin, TX)
Low Cost Vaccination Clinic for Equines (LaGrange) from 2-4pm

April 30:
Booth at Susar Farm Horse Show from 9am-2pm (Denton, TX)

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