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May 1-June 15 - Bluebonnet’s HelpAHorse Ride-A-Thon

15 June 2018 Filed: Events and Fundraisers

This is our second annual Ride-A-Thon for the Horses of Bluebonnet!  And this event is one you can participate in even if you don’t live nearby.  You just need a rideable or driveable horse!

How does the Ride-A-Thon work?  Participants register themselves and their horses on our website. They then seek sponsors who will pledge $X per ride or drive (sponsors decide how much money they will give per ride). Participants log all rides or drives from May 1-June 15 and then collect sponsorships to send to Bluebonnet.

Visit the website below to sign up, become a sponsora, or learn more.

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