Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Adoption FAQs

Watch our video:  Why Adopt from Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society?

What are the advantages of adoption?

Adoption is a wonderful way to get a horse. Bluebonnet horses have gone on to make great companions, trail horses, children’s horses and show horses. When you adopt, not only do you get a great horse but also you know you are helping a formerly abused or neglected horse find a great home. When you adopt, you get a horse who has current vaccinations and a current Coggins test. The horse has had his teeth examined and floated if needed and is current on de-wormer and farrier work. The horse has been evaluated to the best of our abilities, and if your adopted horse doesn’t work out, you can return him for a full refund of your adoption fee in the first 30 days and a partial refund during the first year.

Are there any restrictions on what I can do with an adopted horse?

Bluebonnet does not allow adopters to breed their adopted horses or sell them or give them away. However there are no restrictions on the type of riding, showing, competing or work adopters can do with their horse as long as the horse is properly cared for.

How do I adopt a horse?

Adopters must complete an adoption application. Once BEHS receives an adoption application, a volunteer will contact the adopter to schedule a pre-adoption home visit. After the home visit, the Adoption Coordinator will contact the potential adopter to discuss any issues with the home visit or to arrange for a meeting between the adopter and the horse(s) he/she is interested in. When the adopter meets a horse he/she wishes to adopt, he/she will sign an adoption contract, pay an adoption fee and transport the horse home.

How long does it take to adopt?

It varies. Some adoptions take as little as a few days to complete while others may take several weeks. If the adopter is flexible with when he can schedule the home visit, the adoption often occurs very quickly.

What qualifications does it take to adopt?

Adopters must have a safe place to keep their horse. Fences should be in good repair and the horse needs access to shelter and plentiful water. The adopter should have another horse to serve as a companion to the adopted horse or be prepared to adopt a companion.

Can I meet the horse I want to adopt before I apply?

Bluebonnet requires potential adopters to be approved before going to meet the horses they are interested in. This protects the rescue from liability issues.

How much does it cost to adopt?

Adoption fees vary. Non-ridable/companion only horses do not have an adoption fee. Other fees are based on the horse’s health, abilities, training and age. Adoption fees are not negotiable.

Why do I need to pay a membership fee in order to adopt?

The membership fee helps cover the cost of getting adopters approved. We used to charge a processing fee, but we changed that to a membership fee instead. Memberships are good for twelve months (instead of a calendar year) and members receive free admission to some events and discounted admission to others.

What areas do you adopt to?

We adopt horses throughout Texas.  We will also consider adoptions parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma that border Texas.