Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Adoption Testimonial

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I love her and I thank Bluebonnet Equine for all they do.
I adopted my horse Emmy from Bluebonnet about 5 years ago. She was 19 at the time. She is the sweetest horse. I do not ride her and never have. I adopted her as a companion for my younger horse who unfortunately died suddenly of an aneurysm a year ago. Emmy was lonely after that so I got a miniature donkey as a companion for her. The donkey turned out to be pregnant and had a baby last September. They are great buddies. I call them the 3 Amigas. I will keep Emmy forever. She is just such a sweet horse. She deserves to have a good life. I think she is pretty happy. She has a big barn with her own covered run that she has access to 24 hours a day. She has over 10 acres of pasture. She gets fed twice a day in her stall with equine senior/sweet feed. I groom her every morning. She is unable to eat hay but she can graze. I keep her weight consistent with the feed and her access to the pasture 24/7. Her feet are trimmed every 6 weeks (she’s so good about standing quietly for the farrier) and of course I keep her up to date on her shots/worming. I love her and I thank Bluebonnet Equine for all they do.
- Connie Meredith