Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Bluebonnet Ambassador Equines

Bluebonnet Ambassador Equines are those horses and other equines who are out in the community being ridden, shown, doing therapy work, etc.  These equines have adopters who are willing to speak to people in the community about their equine, his/her story, and how rescue horses (and other equines) can do anything.

If you would like to invite a Bluebonnet Ambassador Equine to your event, please email us.

Annie, formelry known as Branigan O Blue - Born to a formerly neglected mare in the rescue in March 2010 - Adopted March 2015
Annie’s dam was pregnant when she was removed from negligent owners.  Annie was born in a BEHS foster home and well handled all of her life.  She was adopted and returned due to her adopter’s poor health.  She moved to a foster home in December of 2014, and that foster home, Janet, adopted her in March 2015.

Janet and Annie are spending time together trail riding for fun and exercise.

Electra - Rescued from neglect February 2011 - Adopted November 2012
Electra was one of several horses rescued from a neglect case.  The owners had adopted several BLM mustangs and turned them out to breed.  Electra was one of the offspring, and she had had little handling prior to coming to BEHS.  In 2012, she went to foster home Erika Forstrom to participate in the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge.  Erika did well with Electra and then adopted her.  They have competed in a competitive trail challenge and continue to trail ride. Erika says, “My current goal is to get her registered in the American Indian Horse Asso. and the mustang registry, and start going to their shows. We also would like to get back into the competitive trail rides, and someday, Cowboy Dressage.”

Snickers, formerly known as Vega - Rescued from neglect February 2007 - Adopted March 2015
Vega was one of 25 horses who was removed from negligent owners and placed with Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society.  After rehabilitation, she was adopted but was later returned due to the health of her adopter.  She moved to a new foster home in December 2014, and that foster home, Janet Chamberlin, adopted her in March 2015.

Janet has been working with Snickers and hopes to hit the trails in 2017.

Whinny Girl - Rescued from neglect August 2014 - Adopted October 2016
Whinny Girl and another mare were surrendered to Bluebonnet when their owner was investigated for neglect.  In 2015, Whinny Girl went to Erika Forstrom to be trained for the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge, and the following year Erika decided to adopt Whinny Girl.  Erika says, “Horse shows are not really her thing, but she is at home trotting for miles out on the trails. So we are going to join and start competing in NATRAC rides, and maybe AERC endurance rides in the future. She and I have done one NATRAC ride as a safety and point rider, and she did well.”