Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Youth Advisory Committee

The Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society’s Youth Advisory Committee is a group of dedicated equine enthusiasts committed to serving and promoting the growth of BEHS.  This committee is overseen by the BEHS Board of Directors.  The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) brings a valuable youth perspective to the organization’s work.

YAC allows youth ages 13-18 years old to gain hands-on experience in non-profit management and program support, develop leadership skills, earn community service hours all while giving back to the equine community. 

YAC requirements include:
• Attend at least 3 meetings per year.
• Attend the Bluebonnet Horse Expo in Austin.
• Organize, attend or assist with at least one BEHS booth.
• Membership in BEHS at the Youth Level.
• Serve for a minimum of 1 year on YAC.

The key role for committee members is to educate members of the public about BEHS. This can be done through everyday conversations and formal outreach efforts.  These outreach efforts can include but not limited to:
• Posting Flyers
• Creating Posters
• Creating Youtube Videos
• Civic Club Presentations (4H, FFA, Riding Clubs)
• Showcasing your foster or adopted BEHS equine at events or parades.
• Managing Donation Jars

Annual special projects could include:
• Assist with the BEHS Rescue Horse Training Challenge
• Advertising
• Fundraising
• Awards Presentation

Bluebonnet Kids Club
• Create a membership driven kids club for ages 12 & under. Hosting contests and maintaining a monthly newsletter including equine interest articles, adoption horse of the month, events, etc.



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