Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society


If you have a truck and trailer and like to drive - we can put you to work!  Our horses need rides from their donors to foster homes and from their foster homes to vets, trainers, events, and other foster homes.  Sometimes, we also need help picking up seized or abandoned horses and taking them to a foster home who will hold them during their court case. 

Before you can trailer horses for Bluebonnet, you must become a member and then complete a trailering application. You will be added to the pool of approved trailering volunteers.

Trailering volunteers are expected to be familiar with the Trailering Policy. We want trailering volunteers to use a trailer that is in good repair. Many of the rescue horses do not load well, so stock trailers or roomy slant load trailers work better than two-horse side-by-side bumper pull trailers.

Documents Available for Downloading