BEHS 1112 – Kai

Name: Kai Status: Adopted
Adoption Fee: Arrived At Rescue: January 4, 2020
Location: Anna, TX Adoption Date: October 9, 2020
Registered: Breed: Miniature Horse
Date of Birth: November 30, 1999 Color: Chestnut / Sorrel
Gender: Mare
Height: 9.2

About Kai

Kai’s owner passed away and the family was not able to care for her and her herd mates so they surrendered them to Bluebonnet.

Kai can be a little shy initially but she warms up when you give her some time and attention.

Evaluation and Training

It looks like Kai wasn't handled much before she came to Bluebonnet. She was flighty and spooky when she arrived. Fortunately for Kai, she was chosen to be part of the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge and is working with experienced youth Challenge competitor Brayden Thompson. He has spent lots of time working on desensitizing her to a variety of things. He has taught her to lead, load, longe, and navigate some obstacles in hand. She still needs a little time to process new things but she has a ton of try!

If you want a miniature horse to show in hand, to be a pet, or to be a companion to a lonely horse, give Kai a chance!


Trailers: Learning Bucks: No
Leads: Learning Bites: No
Ties: Learning Catches: Learning
Trims: Yes Bathes: Not yet
Clips: Not yet Rears: No
Kicks: She has kicked in the past out of fear.

Videos of Kai

Working with Kai *Click Here*