BEHS 798 – Just Dazzling

Name: Just Dazzling Status: Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge
Horses Available for Adoption
Newly Available for Adoption
Adoption Fee: $1500 Arrived At Rescue: October 25, 2015
Location: Franklin, TX Adoption Date:
Registered: None Breed: Grade
Date of Birth: January 1, 2013 Color: Palomino
Gender: Mare
Height: 15.2
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About Just Dazzling

Dazzling came to Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society in 2015 as an estray. She had a badly damaged right eye and was skittish. Her foster home worked to gain her trust, and then she went to a trainer to be started under saddle in preparation for the 2016 Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge. She didn't get to compete at the Challenge, and she went home with a new foster home after the event. Not long after going to her new foster home, she met her adopter. She was returned in 2020 when her adopter was moving out of state and couldn't take her.

Just Dazzling's right eye appeared to have very little, if any, vision and the vet recommended against removing her eye initially. She later developed a tumor and the eye was removed in June 2020. She was already accustomed to not seeing from that side so removing the eye made her more comfortable but otherwise didn't affect her.

Just Dazzling will be competing under saddle in the Non-Pro Under Saddle division of the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge with Petra Lisbony. She will be available for adoption at the Challenge during the Bluebonnet Horse Expo on October 17, 2020 in Taylor, Texas.

You can follow their progress on their Facebook page.

Evaluation and Training

Just Dazzling hasn't had the best handling before coming to BEHS. She was very nervous with new people when she arrived, but her foster home worked hard to gain her trust and show her that people are great. Just Dazzling spent four months with trainer Leroy Ramirez in 2016 to prepare to compete under saddle in the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge. He started her under saddle and rode her in an arena and over obstacles. Her adopter rode her quite a bit and said she was a nice riding horse.

Just Dazzling has spent 4 months preparing for the 2020 Rescue Horse Training Challenge. She is doing great riding in an arena and over obstacles with her trainer.


Trailers: Yes Bucks: No
Leads: Yes Bites: No
Ties: Yes Catches: Yes
Trims: Yes Bathes: Unknown
Clips: Unknown Rears: No
Kicks: No